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ConfwareRegistration is available for the congress. On this page you find information about the registration process. After reading this page visit the congress registration application that will guide you through the whole process. This application is provided to us as a donation by MOLCOMP SYSTEM Ltd.

Congress participation fee

We made special effort to keep the participation fee low. It means that we can not cover the costs of the congress merely from these fees. We need donations from those that can afford paying a bit more. Please donate the congress via PayPal or contact the Congress Secretariat if you would like to donate in another way.

Congress fee: 30.- EUR

Besides the lectures this fee includes Saturday lunch and morning and afternoon teas/coffees on all days. For sake of simplicity one can register for several people. In that case other people should be registered as accompanying persons. Their fee is the same and includes the same services.

This fee is extremely low compared to similar congress fees. It means that we can not provide additional discounts. If you can not afford even this amount, please contact the Congress Secretariat and they will try their best to find you a solution.

Registration process

For registration, please visit our registration application, but it might be useful to read the information below in advance.

The registration consists of some simple steps:

  • On the registration page you should register as a new participant. During this process you should define your contact information including your email address. When you finish, the system will automatically send you a confirmation email that will also contain a link for you to log in to the registration system first time. If you can't see this mail within some minuter, please check if it had not been placed to the junk mail folder accidentally. If it is not even there, you can contact the Congress Secretariat and they will provide you help.
  • In the confirmation mail click on the link to login to the registration system at the first time. Alternatively you might copy the link to your web browser URL box and press enter to load the page manually. On the appearing page you can define your own password. Next time you can login to the registration system using your email address and this password.
  • Now you can go to the "Registration Fee" menu to select the items you would like to purchase. In fact in our case there is a single item only, but still you should go through this process. After selecting the item the system will automatically send you a confirmation email with information about the next steps. Those steps are described here as well...
  • At this point you might add some other participants for the registration. That can be done in the "Accompanying Persons" menu. You should only define the name of the person(s) and acknowledge the purchased item that is the registration fee (the same as for the main participant).
  • At any time you might check the summary of your data and selections in the "Datasheet" menu.
  • Finally in the "Payment" menu you select payment type, define the billing information and accept the cancellation and refund policy. Do not forget to press the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
  • From the "Payment" menu you can download the proforma invoice in PDF format if required.
  • We check the result of each payment manually as well. Once we find that everything is OK, we mark the item as paid. In the "Payment" menu you will see that the small box in the "Paid" column will be checked. Please visit the registration application a few days after registration to see if that box is checked.


Payment options

Payment can be done via Paypal or via bank transfer. Paypal payment can be initiated from the registration application by clicking the "Pay now" button in the "Payment" menu.

You can pay via Paypal even if you do not have an own Paypal account. In that case instead of loging in on the Paypal page, select the "Continue" link (or button) at the "Don't have a PayPal account?" section (marked with red rectangle on the image below) and define your card data manually. Click on the image to see it in a larger format.


Please be aware that Paypal will show a single item "14th European Skeptics Congress - Registration fee" with quantity 1 even if you had registered for several people. The amount should be treated as a sum. On the proforma invoice and in the registration application you will see each item separately.

If you are using a separate bank transfer, please specify your name and proforma invoice number (top left corner on the proforma invoice) with the transfer data, otherwise we will not be able to match your payment with your data. Bank account information:

Bank: OTP
Account Owner: Hungarian Skeptic Society
Account number: 11701004-20221311-00000000
IBAN Code: HU26 1170 1004 2022 1311 0000 0000

Cancellation and refund policy

The speakers' list is indicative only and might be subject of change. The Hungarian Skeptic Society cannot be held responsible for the withdrawal of any advertised speaker, for whatever reason, and registration will not be refunded on the basis of such withdrawal.

CHANGES: In case of changes to the registration details one should write an email to the congress secretariat who will try to do its best to help.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No refund is payable but registrations can be transferred to substitute delegates without penalty.

INSURANCE: The registration fee does not include insurance of any kind.

AccommodationHotel Flamenco

You can find various accommodation possibilities in Budapest. We are recommending you the Danubius Hotel Flamenco, the hotel where also the congress will be held. You should order accommodation separately directly from the hotel. You can download the booking form from here.

Donate the congress

We can not cover the costs of the congress merely from the registration fees. We need donations from those that can afford paying a bit more. Please donate to the congress via PayPal or contact the Congress Secretariate if you would like to donate in another way. Define the value (EUR) and press the Donate button to go to Paypal page to donate in two minutes. Remember, you do not have to have a Paypal account for the money transfer.


The congress on Facebook

Please also visit the congress' Facebook event page and indicate if you are planning to come. This is not an official act and you might change your decision any time, but that is a useful information for us. You might leave us comment there as well.


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