We hope that the congress will not only be a one-time event after which we all simply go home and forget Europe-wide cooperation for the next two years. We would like to facilitate the creation of international working groups and activities. That is why we picked up three areas that we see crucial in cooperation nowadays. We will discuss these with a smaller panel and with discussion with the audience and we are planning to finalize it with action plans. These workshops will be part of the standard program (will not run parallel).

Please feel free to participate in the preparation of these workshops. We are looking for activists and professionals into the panel and for preliminary preparation of the action plan documentation.

Cooperating in Europe

How should we facilitate communication among skeptics and the interested audience internationally? Translating information, common manifestos, blogging, common forum, podcast, video materials, lobbying in EP...?

How to deal with the creationist attacks?

How to challenge lay people, decision makers, teachers to see the real nature of the creationist propaganda? What is the best way to inform people about the established findings and about the new results of the evolution theory? To debate or not to debate?

Dealing with the CAM propaganda internationally

Differences and similarities in legislation about CAM in the European countries. What is the EU direction in promoting/regulating CAM and how to influence it? Should CAM be regulated separately, or should we let science to separate real medication from scam?